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Concept art Tutorial English

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Concept art Tutorial English

Owen Labbé
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Lighthouse Concept-art Tutorial

In this video of more than 2H30, you will learn a structured method to create a professional image, adapted to the entertainment industry!

Here is what the tutorial pack contains:

  • A video of 153 minutes, where I show you my process with comments covering all stages of creation (on photoshop)
  • The moodboard with all my photo references

Topics covered :

How to convey an idea in the clearest and most efficient way possible

How to work in a structured way to be faster than others

How to stand out from the crowd and create original and professional images

How to create a solid and credible image that meets the rigorous criteria of the entertainment industry


The speed of the drawing process is accelerated to keep a video under 3 hours, my goal is that you start drawing as soon as you finish viewing this tutorial.

This tutorial is recommended for intermediate to advanced level artists. A certain mastery of the fundamentals of drawing is recommended to take full advantage of the teaching provided in this tutorial.

I invite you to see the extent of my artworks on YouTube ,

you will find many free times-lapses and tutorials !

Instagram: @owen.labbe you will be informed about my current projects, new tutorials and promotional offers!

my website where you will find my complete portfolio:

Thank you for supporting me by buying this tutorial, I'll see you soon in the video!

Stay Creative!

- Owen Labbé -

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